Dr Ashok Jitarwal, homeopathic doctor in sikar
Dr. Ashok Jitarwal

Shiva Homeopathic Clinic In Sikar Has Served Our Great Homoeopathy Treatment Services Since 2001.
Homoeopathic Treatment Is Absolutely Safe And Definitely Free From Side Effects And Very Effective.
Here We Handle The Patient With Personal Care.  Therefore, We Say That “Treatment With Care”.  Value, Honesty, Dedication, Commitment And Accountability Are Our Qualities.

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Our Service

Gynecological diseases (स्त्री रोग)

  • बच्चेदानी की गांठ व शरीर से बाहर निकलना
    homeopathic treatment for uterine fibroid and prolapse
  • सफेद पानी
    homeopathic treatment for Leucorrhoea
  • माहवारी की अनियमितता व ज्यादा आना
    homeopathy treatment for irregular periods
  • बांझपन और बार-बार होने वाला गर्भपात
    homeopathic treatment for Infertility and recurrent miscarriage
  • स्तन की गांठ
    homeopathy treatment for fibroadenoma
  • स्त्री रोग
    homeopathic medicine for female problems
best homeopathic doctor in sikar

Nose allergy(नजला)/ Asthma(दमा )

  • नाक में मांश बढ़ना
    homeopathy treatment for nasal polyps
  • छींके व पानी का लगातार आना
    homeopathic treatment for Najla (allergy rhinitis)
  • नाक बंद रहना
    homeopathy treatment for nose block and nose bleeding(epistaxis)
  • अस्थमा
    homeopathic treatment for Allergic asthma
  • खांसी जुखाम
    homeopathic treatment for frequent cough and cold, sneezing
  • टॉन्सिल
    homeopathic treatment for tonsil diseases

Skin disease (चर्म रोग)

  • पुराना दाद
    homeopathic treatment for eczema
  • सफेद दाग
    homeopathy treatment for vitiligo( white spots)
  • कील मुंहासे
    homeopathic treatment for acne and scars
  • बालों का झड़ना एवं गंजापन
    homeopathy treatment for hair fall and hair loss(baldness)
  • homeopathic treatment for dandruff
  • खाज और खुजली
    homeopathic treatment for skin itching
  • पित्ती उघड़ना
    homeopathic treatment for urticaria
  • homeopathy treatment for skin disease
  • homeopathic treatment for skin corns

Other diseases

  • गुर्दे की पथरी
    homeopathic treatment for kidney stones and renal calculi
  • पित्ताशय की पथरी
    homeopathic treatment for gallstones
  • बवासीर
    homeopathic treatment for piles
  • माइग्रेन
    homeopathic treatment for migraine
  • स्वप्नदोष
    homeopathic treatment for nightfall and nightmares
  • जोड़ों का दर्द
    homeopathic treatment for joint pain and arthritis
  • फिस्टुला और फिशर
    homeopathy medicine for fissure and fistula


Our vision is to bring homeopathy closer to mainstream medicine. To be recognized as homeopathic leaders in modern homeopathy  and to provide life changing solutions using homeopathy.


Our mission at shiva homeopathic clinic is to make the best world standards in homeopathic available to our patients.Walking on the highest standards of ethics and conduct in the field of medicine. Everything we do reflects our mission and values.


We value honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability. Our mission is to spread the benefits of homeopathy to as many people as possible; At a cheaper price.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday................................Off
  • Other Week Days.....9 AM -2 PM And 4PM-8PM

How You Can Contact Us

Address: Station Road,Kalyan Circle, near Shekhawati Janana Hospital, Rajasthan 332001

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sanket singh
sanket singh
10:27 30 Jan 20
great homeopathic clinic in sikar
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh
07:12 12 Dec 19
Best homepathic doctor in sikar
Ajay Soni
Ajay Soni
16:52 29 Sep 19
Keep it up guys and keep providing the best service of all time as you have provided it to me. I personally have a... great experience here with all of them. Two years ago I was suffering skin warts and guys you can't believe that I take only one month meditation and remove my all WARTS. Guys currently I visit again Siva homeo clinic because I have foot corns but I am confident for best result. Thank you Dr.Ashok sirread more
sarala meel
sarala meel
13:38 27 Sep 19
I got rid of my warts within 15 days treatment THANKS to Dr Ashok ji. He gave me confidence to tackle this situation.
Nisha Jangid
Nisha Jangid
01:15 13 Jun 19
I highly recommend Dr. jitarwal for any kind of problem.. I could see the qualities of a good doctor in him.. He is a... good listener,, good practitioner,, punctual,, concerned about his patients,,so humble.. & I found his fee is aIso much better than many other doctors who even cant treat properly.. consulted him for a chronic problem.. his medications relieved so fast.. feeling good. 1read more
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